Stop Your Depression!

 You want to feel better?and enjoy life again,
You can feel better?you just have to learn how,
You will feel better?and I can show you the way


 Dear Friend,

      Treating depression is easy?preventing it from coming back is even better!

      If you want to regain control of your life?and start enjoying it again?the best thing you can do right now is spend 10 minutes and read everything on this page.

      I have learned exactly what works?what doesn?t work?and why.

      I want to start by offering you FREE email support for an entire week! Simply email me your questions or concerns, and I will offer suggestions to help in any way I can. 

      Don?t waste your money on ?magic pills? or ?secret formulas? that don?t work.  You have the ability to start feeling better right now from the comfort of your own home?and I will prove it!

      The strategies I use are proven...have successfully helped people in every situation and circumstance?and can help you from where you are sitting right now! (Yes, within 10 minutes from right now!)

      I will show you step-by-step exactly how to feel better right now?and stop worrying about your life?and start looking forward to enjoying it! You have the rest of your life ahead of you?and you deserve to enjoy it!


Let?s Get Started?


     Although depression can seem overwhelming, it is simply a condition that can be weakened and overcome. Determining the type and severity of your depression (I will show you exactly how to do this) will help determine the best place for you to start. Basically, you have two choices:

 1)     Take something for it?which is a temporary solution,


2)     Do something about it?which is a permanent solution.

      Medication might be a good place for you to start?or maybe not. Take people with diabetes for example: Some people can control their diabetes by simply watching what they eat and drink, while others need to take insulin to maintain control. It all depends on the individual and their condition.

      Medication can often provide short-term relief, and may seem like the easiest thing to do, and can be helpful. However, it cannot prevent a future episode of depression?and I don?t know anybody who wants to take medication forever!

      What about therapy? Yes, it can be a great help for some people?but just like medication, you don?t want to depend on it forever.

      You don?t need to spend countless hours (or countless dollars!) talking about your problems in the office of a stranger. What you need to do is realize your own ability to overcome your problems and look forward to tomorrow!

      Remember, treating depression and overcoming depression are NOT the same. Feeling better now is the most important thing today?but staying better tomorrow and beyond is the real success. You can do both!


How Can I Help You Right Now?


     I have created a step-by-step depression recovery guide. It is called ?Stop Your Depression!? I invite you to use it for a 7-day FREE trial. It outlines exactly how to regain control of your life. Here are just a few of the things you?ll learn in my guide:

  • The difference between feeling depressed and suffering from depression. Exactly how to determine your condition.

  • Learn how depression negatively distorts your thoughts and feelings. The way you are feeling right now is not the real you. I will show you exactly how to regain control of your thoughts and feelings?and feel good about yourself!

  • How to be compassionate to yourself (which is the shortest road to happiness!). Once you learn this, the light at the end of the tunnel will get brighter and brighter!

  • The truth about self-esteem and easy ways to build it?guaranteed to work! Feeling good about yourself gives you the ability to handle anything in life.

  • Therapy techniques and exercises you can do every day that can save you thousands of dollars!

  • Exactly how to handle troublesome situations at work, at home, and in your personal life! It?s your life?you deserve to enjoy it!

  • Learn how to get a good nights? sleep?and regain your energy!

  • How to prevent depression from coming back!


      The information in this guide has already helped thousands of people regain control of their lives?and I guarantee it can help you too!

      Here?s how you can start feeling better in the next 10 minutes?


Don't Decide Now?
Use "Stop Your Depression!"
FREE For 7-days!

                 My guide will give you the information to regain control of your life,
             but I want you to be absolutely sure about it, that's why I'm not going
             to ask you to pay for it until you've had a chance to use it.

                How many therapists would invite you for an entire week of FREE 
             services? (Including FREE email support at any time!) 

                Try some of the strategies for a few days. You will notice a difference
             right away, and you will have the strength and desire to keep going!

                Simply click on the button below, and you'll be taken to a secure 
             order page where you can enter your valid credit card information
             and download the guide for FREE right now.

                Read the guide and use the information that fits your situation. I
             recommend that you print out the guide so you can scan it whenever
             you want (from work, home, etc.). You have 7 full days to use the 
             guide at no cost to you.  

                If, after using the guide, you decide the information was not helpful
             to you?simply reply to the email confirmation you'll receive when you
             download your copy of the guide?and write "cancel" in your message,
             and your credit card will not be charged at all.

                If you'd like to keep the guide, and use it as a constant reference, you
             don't need to do anything further and your credit card will be billed
             $59.95?but not for a full 7-days from today.

                Yes, for a fraction of the cost of a single therapy session you can 
             learn the coping and life-management skills that will last a lifetime! 
                I truly want to help you stop your depression, and I know you can
             do it, just like the thousands of people just like you who have stopped
             their depression using the exact strategies in this guide.

                You cannot change what has already happened in your life?so it is
             time to stop letting the past prevent you from enjoying the future. 
             Regardless of where you have been, I will show you how to get to 
             where you want to be!

             Click here to access "Stop Your Depression!" for a 7-day FREE trial?


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  I can help you, but you?ve got to take the first step.

  I look forward to hearing from you today.


   Richard Bourne

PS?You don?t have to go through this alone. If you get stuck, or need help along the way, email your concerns to me and I will help in any way I can. I am sincerely committed to helping you feel better.

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